Post Press

This area includes a programmable cutting machine, 3 knife trimmer, gathering machine, wire stitching, hot melt perfect binding, Polyurethane PUR binding where the bonding is solid and long lasting which ensures a lay-flat opening, trimming, folding, and all other finishing operations. This is where the printing manufacturing process is completed. Press sheets have been run through the press, allowed to dry, and transported to the bindery for finishing. Press sheets are then cut and folded (if necessary) into the appropriate configuration for the desired product. For brochure printing, sheets are cut down and folded on high-speed folding machines called “folders.” For catalogs and magazines, the press sheets are folded in nested order, so that they can be stitched together (stapled) to form the finished product.

In the stitching process, a machine called a “stitcher” takes the folded press sheets (called “signatures”) and collates them together. Then stitches (staples) are inserted into the fold of the signatures, binding them together.

The final components in the “stitcher” are the knives, which trim the paper to the final delivered size. The product is then ready to be shipped to the final destination.

Services in our Post Press area include:

  • Inline stitcher with the option of loop pinning which is useful in the filing process
  • Polar Model: size 36”, fully automatic and programmable cutting machine.
  • Nagai: NCDC6, size 40”, fully automatic and programmable cutting machine.
  • Schneider: Senator, size 36”, fully automatic and programmable cutting machine.
  • Eureka: Three knife trimmer.
  • Lamination.
  • Spot UV.
  • Embossing and debossing.
  • Foiling.
  • Die punching.

Vishwakala proudly specializes in quality printing for all industry verticals. Coffee table books, magazines, corporate brochures, annual reports, calendars, greeting cards, point of purchase (POP) items such as danglers, dispensers, streamers, carry bags, posters, scratch cards, direct mailers and garment trims like hang tags, pocket flashers, size stickers, match books, back supports, photo cards, and CRM related communication material to name a few that readily come to mind.


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