Vishwakala Printers

Full service commercial printing company

Established over three decades ago as a humble letterpress setup, Vishwakala Printers has since carved a niche in the commercial printing segment not only in Karnataka but has also achieved nation-wide recognition and acclaim. Since early 1984, Vishwakala has been a proud anchor in Bangalore as a full service commercial printing company working with varied clientele ranging from corporate business to designers. Strong characteristics of Vishwakala are commitment to constantly achieving world-class quality, service and timeliness. Our commitment to quality is reflected in how and what we print and is matched by competitive pricing.

Vishwakala proudly specializes in quality printing for all industry verticals. Coffee table books, magazines, corporate brochures, annual reports, calendars, greeting cards, point of purchase (POP) items such as danglers, dispensers, streamers, carry bags, posters, scratch cards, direct mailers and garment trims like hang tags, pocket flashers, size stickers, match books, back supports, photo cards, and CRM related communication material to name a few that readily come to mind.

Vishwakala Printers has built a name for quality and trust worthiness over the years that has not only roped in but also developed a long lasting relationship with clients from industries across the board such as garment, real estate, jewelery, automobile, telecom, advertising etc.



ISO Certified infrastructure and world-standards in production processes. Packaging, Labels to Annual Reports, Leaflets to Paper Bags we print anything and everything you require.


The steps required to turn a design into final form, ready for final printing on a printing press. May include preflight, color correction, color trapping, imposition, color separation, proofing, and image setting.


Vishwakala uses the sheet-fed method of offset printing. Pre-cut paper is fed through the press as a stack or pile of press sheets. Sheet-fed offset presses print at very high speeds and use very large sheets of paper.


This area includes trimming, folding, binding, and all other finishing operations, this is where the printing manufacturing process is completed. Press sheets have been run through the press, allowed to dry, and transported to the bindery for finishing.